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Available in a variety of flavours;

  • BLUE LAGOON (blue),
  • DRAGONFRUIT SOUR (purple),
  • GEORGIA PEACH (orange/yellow),
  • MARGARITA (yellow),
  • LEMON DROP (yellow), 
  • COSMOPOLITAN (pink),
  • SOUR APPLE (yellow)

(we don't always have stock of certain variants due to supply chain challenges)


  • A crystal form of cocktails in a jar, everything you need for a perfect cocktail in a dry form. Simply add 1-2 tablespoons (8-16 gr) to a cocktail shaker, jar or glass. Add some water, optional spirits and ice. Shake, or vigurously stir, and you're done! No need to drag along those juices or fruits, this is your all-in-one cocktail hack! 

    Each jar contains up to 32 servings.

    • Ultra fine sugar
    • Freeze dried fruits
    • Dehydrated juices

    That's it! Nothing else. The kinds of fruits/juices depend on the variety.

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